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A more personal set of ramblings and photos from the drivers of each Kutuka car. The content is totally biased, the opinions personal, and we honestly don't give a stuff whether you agree with it or not. Think of it as a peek into our diary, without the really rude bits. The language is frequently colourful, be warned.


When we lose our little temper, it goes in here. Success or failure, highs and lows, views and thoughts, it's here in raw form.


As there is really only one of the drivers who can read or write, it does end up being a bit one-sided in here. We have tried to teach Bear to type, but he tends to snarl and swat at us with his giant paws.


The rule is this though: the ramblings are not edited after submission. Predictions about races, outcomes, modifications etc written before the event are not revised later. It can make for an interesting post-race read to compare confident predictions with the actual outcome - when things take an unexpected turn we end up with a lot of facially-installed egg, but the odd pleasant surprise.


Click the car to go to each set of pages. Each week is archived as a fresh week is published, just click the link to see each older page, archived by date. See how kind we are to you.


Helen, Christine and Vanessa's build stories have been hidden in “Car Projects.” Ongoing modifications and developments are still detailed here, those endless workshop hours hide in these pages.


The three active cars are Helen, Christine and Vanessa, but both Angelina and Megan had stories of their own to tell, and their colourful, short lives are detailed here too.






FTDS - From The Driver's Seat

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Jaguar XJS Racing

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